How do you stay focused while working on your Side Project?

Every day is the same struggle. It’s my fault, but it’s stronger than me.

I wake up. Make a delicious cup of coffee, talk with my girlfriend for a little while, and sit in front of the computer. Ready to go. Determine.

But I guess… it won’t hurt if I take a quick look at my newsletter stats. Maybe write an article just before going 100% in with my job? And what about a quick tweet? What if my side project got famous overnight? Should I check analytics? No, all good, 5 visits.

Ok! Time to go all in. But I am sure that someone replied to my tweet, and I don’t want to ignore them. Maybe I can learn something.

What if… Wait. What time is.. 11?? It happened AGAIN!

And it’s uncomfortable. I sit on the corner of the chair like I was escaping from something, feeling bad, having a constant thought, “you have to do other things, this a long-term goal, no need to worry about this now…”.

I find it very hard not to think about what I want to do and focus on the things I have to do.

So I wonder…

How do you do it? Do you experience the same? Do you have any systems or strategies to focus on what you have to do while you have other things you want to do?

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