I wanted to be Mark Zuckerberg, but I became Mark FATkerberg instead.

I wanted to be rich. I believed that If I had money, people would love me. So, I worked hard.

That was around 2012 after watching The Social Network and reading Lean Startup and ReWork.

I knew how to do code. I had ideas. I was ready.

A friend of mine told me about an idea he had at that time. It was cool. He was super excited. He managed to get $100K from investors, and then I was excited.

I left my job and started working right away on it. We were ready to dominate the world selling photos printed on canvases —I’m not joking.

We were making big plans and thinking about negotiating with IKEA when they found our idea.

We were scared because we needed to create the best online shop in the world to handle the massive amount of orders that we thought we would get.

He was a designer —I hope he is still alive, we didn’t talk anymore after this— and all the technical stuff was on me.

I created a website where you could design a canvas. Change the colors, upload your photos, add effects, select the size, and send it to the printer. It was pretty cool. It took me around six months to build…

And my health.

But I didn’t care. I thought: that’s fine, as soon as I finish this, I will take care of the other things.

So I worked. And Worked. And Worked… and I ate chocolate croissants while working. Four or five in the morning, four or five in the afternoon, and who knows how many in the evening. I was stress. I worked for 16h a day. Every day.

I didn’t walk. I didn’t exercise. I ate garbage.

But, It was ok. I was about to be rich. Printing photos on canvas was about to make me rich. So rich that I wouldn’t have to work ever again.

I remember that we were having conversations about being the best startup in the world. We were really expecting calls from Mark Zuckerberg: Guys, stop everything you are doing. Move NOW to San Francisco and bring those canvases here. Here is some cash, rent a mansion. Bring everyone!

We were talking about moving to San Francisco, for real. I remember checking the houses. “20K per month” NO PROBLEM. We have a startup about printing photos on canvases. We will be fine.

What happened with that project? It’s so sad that I don’t have the energy to tell you now. But, have you seen printing canvas on-demand on IKEA?

Now > Tomorrow

After this, I had some money saved and went on a trip around southeast Asia.

Well, I don’t really know who went on that trip, but not me.

Fat José went. I hope he had fun.

When I check my photos from those days, I feel anxious. I can’t recognize myself.

I want to share 3 lessons from those days that I take very serious now:

Be around people who don’t let you eat 15 croissants a day.

My coworkers, my ex-girlfriend, and my friends from those days never said anything to me.

I was getting fat, and they didn’t say anything.

It’s was my fault. It’s always your fault.

But sometimes we have weak moments, and if you can be around people who tell you the truth, even if it hurts, you will be better in the future.

Don’t postpone your current happiness for your future happiness.

It doesn’t make sense to work 16h a day for six months.

You can do the same working 6h a day for 2 years, and that’s fine.

Do not try to do everything in a couple of months. There is no rush. Don’t work hard, at least not extra hard. It’s never worth it.

Never stop moving or eating well to work.

I didn’t move.

Now I walk 10K steps every day. I do weights four times a week. I eat healthily. I am a different person.

Do not make your day from your desk to your couch, from pizza to croissants. If you are doing that now, don’t. Believe me…Or when you are ready to go for an adventure Fat José is going to go instead of you, and you will regret it.

✨ My Path to Wealth

Last week I started building a project in public. I think of it as the intersection between Substack and Medium. But there is more.

As a writer, my biggest pain is to find more readers. This website will provide the tools to have your blog and send newsletters, but it will also help you find more readers.

I’m preselling 100 early plans. Some people already joined —ok, one person, but I’m working on it. I can’t be more excited about this. I will tell you everything. But check my Twitter to get daily updates.

But you can be sure that my health comes first. I learned, and now I try again.

🔈 Message from my Audience on Twitter

Yesterday I asked on Twitter if someone wants to say anything to you.

  • Flurly told me to tell you to check flurly.com.

  • Wenzel told me: “Yeah, if they are in need for some background music while they work, or code, I've recently launched a YT channel, with this kind of music: http://bit.ly/feelgoodmusic1 If you add the link, I'll return the favor.”

I wonder what he means by returning the favor.

And the moment all of you were waiting and thinking about:

Let me introduce you to Fat José, a guy I don’t want to see ever in my life. I can’t believe that was me years ago. Hurts.

This picture makes me cry for real. You can see how ignorant and naive I was. I feel bad. Really bad.

Have a beautiful Sunday —if you can, after seeing this!