My 7 Steps to Fail: A Proven Strategy

If you ask me for advice on how to succeed, I have no clue.

I failed at everything I tried in my life.

I started several projects. All failed.

My goal was to become free—traveling, writing, be a digital nomad, take pictures, enjoy life around beautiful people, be popular. José León, the cool guy with an amazing lifestyle.

None of that happened. But I became José León, the fat guy.

I had a couple of girlfriends. They left me because I was working all day. I didn’t travel, not much.

I wanted to create something great, like Mark Zuckerberg —Why did I watch that movie?. I was spending all my time trying to create the next Facebook, Airbnb... you know.

And you may think that I learned from my experiences. Nop. I did it again. And again. And again. Every time that I had a new idea —is still happening, help!— I think that’s THE IDEA, that’s the one that is going to change everything.

Never happened.

Let me explain to you how I did:

  • Get a job as a developer

  • Save around $10K

  • Spend between six months and a year coding

  • Test it

  • Zero results

  • Repeat

I can’t even remember how many times I did the same. But I know one thing. It was a disaster.

I was lucky enough to have a well-paid skill in programming so It was easy for me to find a new job —almost, I had some nightmares there too— but I never ever enjoyed working for others.

In the beginning, I thought It was programming, but with time I learned that I didn’t like to work for others. My motivation comes from within. Someone telling me what to do didn’t work for me, I am not that kind of person.

It’s really weird to me that I can work 16h a day for months each day but that I can’t do even an hour without hating myself for others. Am I alone with this?

So, if you want to have several failures in a row, here is your recipient to do it too. It doesn’t matter the context, I guarantee if you follow these steps, you can be like me and fail:

  • Get excited with an idea

  • Start it! (Much better if you spend 6/12 months working on it without talking to anyone)

  • Get excited with another idea

  • Leave your previous idea

  • Start the new one

  • Repeat

  • Enjoy the misery

Now I am trying to build a career as a writer —just telling you that makes me laugh— but I already feeling lost about this.

(Note that when I say laugh, I mean cry. Hard. Or both at the same time, that happened too).

If you follow my advice successfully, let me know. I want to take full credit form it.

PS. I am broke. I need to save $10K again to leave my job and start another idea. So feel free to buy me a coffee —even better if you buy me 100— so I can fail again. I miss being fat.