Don't Work Harder—a Painful Lesson I learned After a Big Failure

I worked for almost a year on my project, from Monday to Sunday, 12h a day. I was working hard, very hard.

It didn't work. I made $50 from it.

Working harder is not what you should do if you want to be successful.

Imagine two different people. Both want to create a website.

The first one thinks that he needs to learn HTML before, and he starts from there. One month goes by. And he feels that he is not ready yet and needs to learn a new cool library that will help him create a better website. Another month. After that, he feels ready and spends another month creating it.

Imagine another person. She doesn’t want to spend her time learning about technology because that’s not the point, and she understands that. She decided to use a site builder like carrd, and her time is spent on the copy instead of the technology. Four hours later, the website is live.

Who worked harder? Who has more chances to succeed?

The problem that I think many of us are making is that we work hard but on different things, like learning HTML from scratch and a new CSS tool like Tailwindcss when the only thing you want is to create one landing page.

What You Should Do—A Message to Myself

Find one thing that you can do consistently that takes a couple of hours maximum every day and do it for a year. The rest of the time, do something else.

Many people think that to make money online. You have to: work harder, work smarter, and fill every hour of the day with very productive tasks.

I used to think that.

When in reality, if you do one thing for an hour or two every day for a year, that can be enough.

I ignored this lesson many times.

There is no direct correlation between how hard you work and the results you get.

It's counterintuitive. You may think that if you work more, you will get there sooner. It doesn’t work that way.

When you share a product with the world, there is no difference between sharing something hard to create or sharing something easy to create.

People can’t tell the difference.

They will only care about how useful or interesting it is or how that helps their lives. It doesn't matter how hard you worked on it.

If you decide only to walk the path of entrepreneurship and ignore the rest, that won’t work in the long run.

I don’t think entrepreneurship can be sustained for a long time if you ignored other areas of your life.

Do one thing for a long time and take it easy. This is the best advice I can give to myself, and I hope it works for you too.