Create Your Own Job [Why I don’t like having a Job]

I was 17. I didn't have any money. I wanted to go to the cinema with my girlfriend. So I asked my parents for $20. I told my girlfriend, and she took the money and left with it (to buy the tickets, I supposed). I only remember that she took the money.

I was at zero again — Why did she take my money?— But I didn't want to ask again for money from my parents. $20 was a lot. But I needed money for the bus, or a taxi, or to buy popcorn or to buy a coke, who knows. Or maybe for her to retake it. I remember feeling hopeless.

So that summer, I started working for the first time—awful jobs. The first one was about selling mattresses to people in August on the beach. Imagine a very young guy, all dress up around half-naked people walking on the sand with shoes, giving a brochure and a quick talk about checking the mattresses at a nearby hotel.

But they were paying me $40 per day, so I felt rich. It didn't last. The business failed. I wonder why. So I move from job to job for the next years.

Those jobs were horrible. People yelled at me, called me idiot all the time, treat me like a cockroach. I was doing low entry jobs. Losers telling other looser that they were losers.

I knew I wasn't that kind of loser, so I didn't care much. I was studying how to code, and I knew that I was good at that, so it was a matter of time to find a better job.

Some years later, I worked with top and rich people suited up, having a new laptop and a private office.

It felt good. I felt important. But, after a year, I hated myself.

It was worse than working at the kebap shop, making kebap sandwiches. I knew that was temporal. I had a plan. But working in an office, I thought that was the best thing you can do in the world. It wasn't, and I didn't have any plan.

Why I don’t like having a Job

You buy QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones.

People around you buy things. New technology. New phones. New headphones. New and cool gadgets. An electric bicycle. They work with you, you see it, you want it. You buy it. You were brainwashed. So, you need to keep working to buy more.

You buy a pink shirt because you only wear black or white.

I had money for the first time. People around me dress very well. So I spent a lot of money on new clothes. But, I stick to the classic black and white.

Once, a girl I liked who worked there too, told me that I was always wearing the same colors. So I went to ZARA and bought a pink shirt.

The next day, she told me: "Oh! You are wearing pink, that's almost like white, you always wear the same colors".

Lesson learned. But most people don't learn it and keep trying to look fancy in front of others.

Zoom calls are temporary. This will come back. Escape. Never come back to an office.

You can't go to Tibet.

I wanted to travel the world and work at the same time. Well, that's very hard if you have a boss.

You maybe can go to Rome and rent a flat and work from there. They won't notice anything. But you can't go to Tibet.

It's tough to fake all the way there, find a good place to work and work as nothing has happened.

If you work for yourself, you have zero problems. The problem is not the work; the idiots trying to control you are.

You go for a walk with your partner at 8 in the evening and your boss...

You are tired. You worked hard. You go for a walk with your partner, some shopping, groceries—the usual. You grab your phone to check if you have money on your account, and you see a Slack notification from your boss.

"hey, how is the project going?"

Evening RUINED.

Don't wait for others to give your permission.

I met many journalists in my life. All unemployed. All waiting to be selected from a major newspaper or magazine.

You don't know how hard it is to find a job as a journalist. It's my passion. I love it. You sometimes have to work for free, but after they can pay you $200 a month, but I love it. Maybe after five years, I can make a real salary and from it, who knows. I know is hard. I want an opportunity.

That's very common. Most people never stick to that plan because it doesn't make sense to work for free. So they end up studying digital marketing, excel, social media, copywriting. But all say the same: my passion is journalism. But it's hard to find a job.

All hate working in an office doing something they are not passionate about, feeling lost, empty, and in the wrong place. Waiting to be selected.

I never met a journalist that said: I don't need anyone to choose me. I can be a journalist. I can open a newspaper online myself, a blog, or start a podcast. I can investigate and make Youtube videos.

Most of them wait to be selected. Blaming society for the lack of opportunities.

You don't need permission from anyone. You don't need to be hired for a newspaper to be a journalist. Just be one.

It doesn't matter what you do or what you want to do. Don't find a job. Create a Job. And do whatever you want to do.

Do you want to publish a book? Do you want to be a journalist? An author? A singer? A painter? If you really want it, if you are really passionate about it: you will find your way.

There is only one thing between you and your path to follow your passion: start.

Make yourself worth it. People will come. Don't work for others. And if you do, because you have to (sometimes you have to) try to escape as soon as possible.

Having a job is the worse thing in the world. First, you need to convince someone to hire you. And from there, you need permission to live your life.

It doesn't make sense.

Use the Internet to make money and never look back. It's not too late. This is just starting. Start.

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