2020: Annual Review of a loop year

It was a weird year for everyone.

I think of 2020 as an investment I did it for the future.

I worked a lot. Ate well. Exercise.

2020 started in Warsaw, Poland.

We stayed (my girlfriend and I) in a small flat near the city center. I was reading Robert Green’s latest book and thinking about what I was going to do with my life.

I had lost my job, and I had to find a new path for myself.

Let’s keep this short. Here is the list of highlights, but almost this year feels like a loop.

  • I started drinking better coffee and learning more about it.

  • I started my path as an Indie Hacker. I created my first SaaS.

  • I launched many projects, all canceled, failed, or I don’t like them anymore.

  • I started exercising consistently for 3/4 days a week.

  • We went to Paris for 2 nights.

  • We went to Spain to visit my parents by car, stayed in my grandmas’ house for a month and came back.

  • My bank account went to zero. Literally, still recovering.

  • The rest of the time, I was sitting down coding.

What’s coming next year:

  • Subsets.co, a blogging platform.

  • LeonLabs, my personal brand around habits and entrepreneurship. I will rename this newsletter too.

  • LeonLabs Private Circle.

  • I will write and publish a book.

  • I want to improve my English x10.

  • I hope I can make a living exclusive from my projects.

  • Travel. I need to go somewhere.

What’s your plan for next year? I’d like to know about you.

I wish you the best: a happy new year and all of that. Talk next Sunday!

PS. Sorry for the short newsletter. More to come next year.

PS2. If you read this, say hi!