1,000 True Fans? 250 Are Enough


Welcome to another Sunday newsletter. I’m José León, a person looking for freedom by writing —send help.

Last week I subscribed to many newsletters trying to learn from what others were doing —I was trying to copy, but it didn’t work—. Almost all the newsletters that I checked were a collection of links. A small introduction like this one, and links.

I wonder why that is, but I was thinking about it, and it doesn’t make sense to me. If I subscribed to read a newsletter, I don’t want to click on links that get me away from what I wanted: reading about what this person has to say.

So I will try to have the minimal amount of links as possible —except if I want to sell you something, then yes, links are fantastic— so you know that this newsletter is about reading what I have to say, that’s it.

250 True Fans Are Enough

I don’t know about you, but my money goals are humble.

I don’t have feelings towards money. I don’t desire anything. I don’t want a fancy car. I don’t need a big house or the newest phone. I have my Xiaomi something —how many Xiaomi are? That’s super confusing— and I am ok.

Having expensive things makes me nervous. If I buy something that I can’t repurchase the next day, I can’t afford it, so I don’t buy it.

Not wanting something is as good as having it —I read this somewhere, but I don’t remember where, so let’s imagine that I’m very wise.

The 1,000 True Fans

You all know about it. A famous essay from Kevin Kelly talks that you, as a creator, only need around 1,000 fans who pay you or buy from you everything.

So, let’s play with that number —blah-blah-blah—: $100,000 a year.


One of the problems with thinkers like Kevin Kelly, or other people like him, is that there are far ahead of 99% of us. From his perspective, $100K is an ok number. But I am sure that he makes much more.

You probably can make $100K from a well-paid job. Some people make even $200K or $300K —The max I made were around $60K, I’m a loser—, so he is telling you something like: you don’t need a lot of fans to leave your job and do your thing full-time.


I don’t need 1,000 True Fans.

I spend around $2500 per month right now. I said: me, but it’s we. Me and my beautiful Polish girlfriend —she reads this newsletter, so I have to be nice—, between rent, expenses, food, etc.… that’s around what we spend.

I need 250. $10/month x 250 people = freedom.

Would I like to have a little bit more? Yes. We don’t do many things because we don’t have more money or are afraid of not having money in the future.

But with 250 Fans, I can pay the cost of living that we have and have more time to continue producing, write books, write more articles, etc.… so from there, the limits are unknown.

The real value from the 250 True Fans is that it buys my freedom. That’s the ultimate goal of an Indie Maker. With freedom, you have mental space, and you can produce more while enjoying your life.

Send me the money here —a link.

But I know that’s not realistic. You can’t expect people to give you money just because. So you need to start thinking about what you can create so people are willing to pay you.

It’s hard, I know.

How? Well, I don’t know. But I will figure it out, and I hope you do too, so we all can be free and drink coffee in Bali next year.

I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday!