Balance is why I wanted to become an entrepreneur.

And losing balance, the main reason why I quit.

I hated to have people telling me what to do, or worse, what not to do. "In this company, we don't allow people to work from home"

Balance is also the reason why I started this newsletter. You need to understand that there is no balance between life and work. There is only balance in life.

But, this is not a self-help newsletter. It is not about what you have to do, it is about what I did and what you can learn from it.

I failed at almost everything I tried, but I kept working. I keep working. Why?

What you will get here:

  • How to not fail as I did. What to avoid and what you should try.

  • Business ideas that I might create and share with you. And if it works, you can try it too.

  • Advice on real experiences in health, dating, love, work, travel, and coffee.

Talking about coffee. I will give away bags of specialty coffee beans from small roasters between subscribers. Coffee helps me to have a better life. And I want to share it with you.

Joining you will help me bootstrap my career as a writer. Something I never thought possible and you made me believe in it. So... Welcome to Balance.

A newsletter for Indie Hackers and Bootstrapped Founders who want to design their life.